2013-14 Grant for deep injection

Game On!

There's been another $5,000,000 allotted for 2013!




We're just waiting for a deadline to be established for 2014 grants!

We knew time wise our backs were against the wall..........and now we are more convinced then ever that we can deliver on a grant to study Deep injection! We would love to continue to hear from all of you in the 10 county region, your support can (I feel) help us get our Grant!

1) All of the signees will be paid 50% of the standard custom rates for manure application through the grant. (those are the grant provisions...........50%), including tillage incorporation. (If you normally incorporate, the grant will pay 50% of the incorporation.)

2) Manure application rates will be at the owners discretion 10 and 20 tons for standard and deep injection and up to 40 tons/acre for deep injection. 

3) At least 50 % of a participants fields shall have side by side comparisons with a minimal 25% Deep Injected and 25%  in a control! (Through mathmatical correlation, it's possible to make estimated yield responses field to field without side by side comparisons in the same field  

4) Custom rates will be established averages for NYS, Iowa, in the event they are unavailable for NYS.

5) Deep Injection? For purposes of the study (Grant) Deep Injection will be defined as that of the injection of manure, below the black layer (Topsoil).

6) TBD: Since there are no established custom rates for deep injection, the custom rate shall be determined in 6" increments, twice the difference of injection over surface application for 12" injection, thrice that for 18" injection, quadrupled for 24" injection and 5 times the difference for 30" injection.

7) Deep Injection shall be 50% or greater for at least 24" application. (The Administrator favors deeper 30" injection but recognizes others may favor less expensive injection